This section contains an extensive list of tutorials on Meetecho, covering every aspect from installation to usage of the several available tools. Each subsection also includes a troubleshoot paragraph (FAQ), should you need help with something that doesn't work as it should.


Demo session and test accounts

If you want to give Meetecho a try, don't forget to register on the Meetecho website to get the client, and then contact us to get an account and setup a demo session with us.


Web Client

The first subsection covers the Web Client, which is completely JavaScript-based and as such doesn't require any installation: the subsection also describes how to make use of third-party complementary tools to access the media streams (i.e. phones, SIP softphones and RTSP players), functionality that at the moment (waiting for RTCWEB!) is only provided as an embedded feature in the Web Client by means of a Java applet, which may not always be supported out of the box.


Desktop Client

The second subsection describes how to make the best out of our Java-based Desktop Client, including instructions on how to download, install and configure the right version for your OS (WindowsMac OS and Linux). The desktop client is currently the best option to have access to all the functionality provided by the system.


Mobile Clients

Finally, the third subsection presents a list of ad-hoc clients for your cellular phone: currently supported devices are AndroidBlackberryiPhoneSymbian and Windows Mobile. Not all features are available on all devices (we're keeping on working on them as we speak), but each version provides with a set of useful tools that can be integrated with the native functionality of the phone to achieve the best user experience.



To conclude, this subsection covers the Recording functionality. All of the Meetecho sessions, in fact, no matter how they have been achieved and which/how clients have been exploited, can be recorded in order to be replayed ex-post.