Meetecho sessions can be recorded, if needed.

When this is the case, all the involved media are recorded server side, and then properly post-processed, correlated and indexed by making use of a SMIL description. The final recording is then made available as an URL, e.g.:

  • room/when/player.jnlp

To access a recorded session and replay it, you just need to open the URL using your favourite browser: this will prompt you to open the recordings player using JavaWebStart (Java WS). You'll be able to seek into the recording using the seekbar on the lower side.

To watch a recorded session of a meeting from the IETF 80, check the homepage (Event) of this site and look for the "Past Sessions" section.

Please notice that he recordings are not "just" videos. Indeed, they are multimedia assets properly assembled (and synchronized) through a SMIL ( file containing references to slide images, chat log (as a textstream), plus the movie file with both audio and video.

We play out recordings by launching a JNLP application we realized ourselves and which looks after download and synchronization of all the mentioned media assets. If you feel unconfortable with enabling such application on your computer, you can choose a different option. Namely, we have put on-line, in the downloads section on

  • a ready-to-go stand-alone java application that you can download on your computer and which can be fed with the smil file in order to play out the recordings;
  • the source code of the mentioned application, which you can freely download and modify in order to improve it.

In the second case (i.e., if you happen to improve it) we would be glad to receive from you the updated version.

Please keep in mind that the stand-alone application requires that you have Java Media Framework installed on your PC.